About Us

The Chimatch Story


Hello. Welcome to Chimatch Couple Jewelry. So glad you're here.

We are Sure & John, The wife-husband founders of Chimatch. We've been working in the jewelry industry for pretty much our entire time after graduated from college which also includes our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship period! We used to be in the wholesale business. But now we are designing the couple jewelry - including couple bracelet, couple necklace, couple rings, also key chains for couples...etc, to bring the unique couple jewelry to you from all over the world.

Why Couple Jewelry?

Even we've been in the jewelry industry for almost 8 years when we started dating, we are facing the same problem as most of you in a relationship: No exact ideas what kind of gifts to prepare when his/her birthday comes, let alone the anniversary, Valentine's, Christmas and New Years...etc.

In the early summer of 2016, John was sent to a beautiful and mysterious country Egypt by his company so we were separated in two countries with a really far far distance! We missed each other so much and it was really difficult for lovers who were apart in two locations when one of you were encountering bad things or unhappy moments.

Luckily, John finished the oversea working after 7 months, and both of us realized that the matching bracelets I made specially, was indeed the main emotional support during the hard times! So we made a decision to set up our own business in couple jewelry by the end of 2016. 

Our Mission: With Time, With Love, With You!

We 're doing something different with Chimatch. Unlike the other big retailers, they might place big orders to factories with thousand of quantity for each style, we don't do big quantity and we focus on new styles new designs all the time. We have factories that help us to realize our designs to be vivid and genuine products - even with small orders.

It's stylish couple jewelry that speaks to us, it might speaks to you, too!

Find what you love, and you can order it online!

Thanks again for stopping by Chimatch!
- Sure & John