How To Show Your Partners You're Grateful For Them?

Getting into a relationship with someone special is one thing and keeping up the spark in that bond is another. With the rate of separation and divorce skyrocketing, showing love, appreciation and gratitude can help you ensure that your partner feels special at all times. With that being said, throw your mind back to the last time you interacted with your partner.

Maybe it happened this morning and the two of you had been racing around the home, doing the regular chores mindlessly. It could also be this afternoon when you texted each other from the office to figure out who's supposed to do the dishes once you get home. Regardless of what and when you spoke of, it's highly likely that you ended up speaking along the lines of daily mundane chores.

In What Ways Does Your Partner Feel Loved?

When was the last time you appreciated your spouse? Or said a word or two showing your gratefulness for them? Well, you didn't and that's normal. But there is no denying that showing appreciation and gratefulness is the most effective way to keep the bond healthy and delightful till death does you apart. So if you are interested in showing love and revamping your couple relationship, then here go a few extraordinary yet simple tips.

  1. Find The Love Language Of Your Partner

You must have heard about the famous book: The 5 Love Languages' which soon became the New York Times best-selling book. This book by Gary Chapman, marriage counselor, and author took the world by storm when it was published in the 90s. It is one of the most enigmatic books containing some timeless philosophies and tenets that are referred even to this day.

If you read it, you will see that there are five languages of love including kind words depicting affirmation, spending quality time with one another, giving and receiving gifts, indulging in acts of service, and of course, physical touch. Knowing your and your partner's love language can assist in finding the best way to show gratitude in a manner that's most effective to them.

For instance, your partner may love to receive appreciation in the form of words or through the gift of couple jewellry. But it may so happen that you are failing to understand this and you shower your love and gratefulness more in a physical way. It will fail to resonate as much as it would have done if you could show it in their way. And once you are equipped with the right love language, it can open up a vista of opportunities for a romantic couple.

  1. Take Part In Small Gestures Of Love

Once you take part in a serious relationship, it will become too easy to be comfortable in the relationship and you may miss acknowledging your partner. But it is very important to take a moment and appreciate your other half in some way or the other through the day. Even though it could be as simple as saying: Goodbye' or asking how their day was when they return, it can have an immensely positive impact on the relationship.

One of the primary tenets of showing gratitude is granting the fact that someone truly matters to you. And one of the primary ways you can achieve this is through little gestures like holding hands and kissing in the cheeks and also taking some time to chat when they walk in after a hard day. We often fail to understand one simple thing that these small moments mean a lot in the long run.

When you dismiss these small actions as unnecessary, you will end up sending a message to your partner that they don't matter to you as much as it's true. So, take your time to pay attention to the small gestures and rely on them to make a big change in making you two a happy couple. And make those small things happen as they will show your partner that you are truly grateful to have them in your life.

  1. Be Particular About Why You Are Grateful

There are some generic compliments that we shower on our partners to portray ourselves as a romantic couple. While all those words are great for boosting the morale of your partner, there is the right time and place for sharing such feelings. And the ones that can resonate with what you want to state should be super-specific. Thus, it's important that you think about what you want your partner to know about your feelings.

Also, express why it's important to spell out why it's the most convenient moment to say it. Did your partner lift your spirits when you couldn't feel that the long tunnel of darkness would ever come to an end? Or did he do something very simple like taking you for a long drive after a tiring day in the office? However big or small their actions are, and whatever they did should be beautifully expressed by you in your expression of gratitude towards your partner.

For instance, when you are apologizing to someone, it's always best to let them know why exactly you are sorry. And the same logic is applicable for expressing gratefulness also. Expressing why you are appreciating your partner will boost their understanding of how much your partner matters to you. And providing a context will become more heartfelt and strike the chord of harmony with your partner that's deeper than the universal bond between two partners.

  1. Invest in Some Minimalist Couple jewellry

Today, jewellry goes deeper than being means of personal adornment. They serve to illustrate critical significance in friendship, love, and commitment which play a great role in any relationship, particularly the ones we share with our partners. The true beauty of love shared between a romantic couple can also be reinforced with the use of couple jewellry. And when you wear them with your partner, it will just showcase an overflowing beauty and grace of the bond that you two share.

If you are looking for couple jewellry for an anniversary or wedding gift or simply without any special occasion, there are certain aspects that you need to factor in. You can choose from a wide range of jewellry like wristbands, chains, pendants, rings, and bracelets.

They are mostly very elegant and beautiful and come with custom-crafted messages which are perfect for sprucing up your relationship. They are available in a host of materials and forms and may contain precious gemstones and metals as well. So regardless of your personal preferences, you will find something that suits your preferences and budget.

The Difference Between Showing and Telling

It is often said that you must show and not tell and this is applicable in an expression of love and gratefulness for a romantic couple also. While both have their own sweet place and significance, the key is to strike the balance between these two aspects. You love your partner and vice versa. But you cannot expect them to assume it all the time.

Our previous generations were encouraged to refrain from expressing their love and feelings to the person that mattered the most. As a result, it made them feel neglected and in worst cases, unloved. But the truth was that they were loved very deeply by their partner.

Not only for our spouse, but this is true for all relationships that we have to deal with in our lives. We shouldn't only show that we live them through our actions but sometimes, it's imperative that we tell them too. And married couples mostly fall into the trap of not telling how they feel about their partners. We sometimes take our close ones for granted, especially if we have been through thick and thin with them.

They feel that need not tell their partner how they feel as the other person is already aware. While it may be absolutely true, this is where most of us miss an integral point. At times, you should be verbalizing the emotions stemming from the deepest core of the heart.

It's worth noting that your telling your partner that you love them would do no good unless you show them that you actually do. If you tell your partner that you love them, it's crucial that walk the talk. But that doesn't mean you will lose the right to disagree with them or get annoyed with your partner. What it truly means is that you will not mistreat them, under any circumstances. After all, you should do what it takes to make your person feel loved and valued.

Show and Tell

In the relationship between two individuals, we forget to tell the other that we love them. And when these two people form a family together, it can also come down to the culture and tradition of the social structure. Some people may not look for constant validation from their partners while others may do. What may smother one can be soothing for the other.

As is already stated, you should learn the love language of your partner and try to show and tell in that way only. This also comes down to understanding your partner and family member. For the right way of showing and telling your partner that you are grateful for them, you should find a good balance of emotions that both of you are comfortable in.

How about gifting your partner some unique and warm pieces of couple jewellry this anniversary or Valentine's day? Let's take a look at some brilliant jewellry that would always remind your partner how much they owe to the Almighty for sending you down.

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These are designed to remind couples that they are always connected to one another even though they may be physically separated for some time. You will get two pieces of matching keychains with the everlasting message: I love you' for both the partners made of zinc alloy and silver plated.

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These rings are extraordinary pieces of couple jewellry that are designed to help the couple feel close to each other. No matter whether your partner is working overseas or you are staying apart due to medical treatment or social occasions, these rings for couples will always remind the all-pervading and subtle love shared by partners from all over the globe.

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The Bottom Line

While eating dinner together at your favorite restaurant or watching Harry Potter every Saturday are some easy rituals that can strengthen the bond between the two of you, it's obvious that boredom will seep into any couple relationship. So you must spruce things up by bringing in unplanned date nights where you can share moments of togetherness and fun.

According to relationship experts, continuing with the spontaneity of any relationship is very critical. If you see that adventurous ventures like rock climbing or paragliding are out of the question at your age, maybe you should look for some other means of bringing excitement to the relationship. And variety, surprise, and novelty play a critical role here which can be further enhanced by gifting one another simple yet impactful couple jewellry.


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