The Ultimate Guide to Couple Bracelets

A bracelet is an ornament worn on your arm or wrist. Bracelets could have so many meanings as some wear them for friendship, some wear them for fun, some put them on for love, and so on. When worn as an ornament, the bracelet may have other functions like supporting other decorations like charms. However, in this guide, you are going to learn the insights on couple bracelets.

Couple Bracelets

These are also known as distance, team, or relationship bracelets. The bracelets are made to look similar for couples. In recent years, impressive distance bracelets for couples seem to be gaining popularity. Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been spotted wearing couple bracelets that match. You will come across trendy and classy couple bracelets in the market, but it is advisable to look for the bracelets together with your partner.

What's an alternative to a promise ring?

promise ring for couples

When the relationship moves in the right direction and things get serious, it is always fascinating to give your partner something to show affection to them and vow to remain loyal. Usually, this is a promise ring, but not everyone fancies wearing a ring. If your partner does not love rings, then you have to find an alternative. There are a plethora of options you can choose from as alternatives to this token.

Relationship Bracelet

If your guy does not love having rings on their fingers, probably purchasing the couple relationship will make the cut. The gorgeous bracelets will act as the promise ring where every partner will play their part and remain loyal. Some people decide to go for the engraved bracelet to add some writings on the bracelet for their partner. It is an ideal alternative to a promise ring.

Engraved Money Clip

If your guy does not have a money clip, that would be a suitable replacement for the promise ring idea. Buy him a money clip for his wallet, and you could probably engrave it for them. You can get him some fabulous cufflinks for the suit lover or get him a tie clip with sweet words on it.

A stunning watch

Even though your guy may not be a jewelry person, almost every man loves putting on a watch. Especially if it is from someone they adore, they will gladly put it on. A watch may be the perfect alternative to a promise ring if your guy does not fancy rings.

What do couple bracelets mean?

These matching bracelets for a couple are a reminder that your partner still loves and adores you even if you are not there physically at the moment. With these bracelets, each partner has a piece of their lover which makes them keep connected and stay close even if they are far. The bracelets come in pairs and can have different variations. Every partner takes one bracelet and puts it on. Couple bracelets symbolize commitment, loyalty, and love to your lover despite whatever you may be going through or where you are. They may be in different designs and shapes, including:

  • Silver astronaut matching bracelet
  • Charm natural stone cross
  • Key and heart lock
  • Leather vintage rudder
  • Puzzle heart matching
  • Astronaut pendant matching
  • Natural volcanic stone
matching bracelets for couples SILVER

What does a matching bracelet symbolize?

A matching bracelet symbolizes a unique bond between two people, such as close friends or lovers. Matching your bracelet with someone else means this person is a special person to you and that you two share a lot. The common matching bracelets are the couple bracelets and friendship bracelets.

The friendship bracelet is common among teens especially, and it is a sweet tradition that has been repeated for years. With this bracelet, the friends usually have a strong connection, which makes them decide to get the friendship bracelet. The bracelet creates the idea of being unique in the other party's eyes and that you share a strong bond.

The relationship matching bracelet is an assurance that you are your lover's one and only. You are the only thing they think of when you are not near them. It shows that you have a part of them with you since you have a similar bracelet. It also symbolizes commitment and loyalty, a reminder of their relationship at any time your lover is not around.

Can you propose with a couple bracelet?

Proposing to your partner is never an easy time. That is because you want every detail to feel intentional and heartfelt. That may include the venue, how you ask them, and even what piece of jewelry to use. Traditionally, a ring is used to propose your lasting commitment, but things change, and not everyone prefers a ring today.

Many people are using different types of jewelry to propose to their loved ones. Among the ornaments you can use is a coupe bracelet. If your lover loves bracelets, this is a sweet alternative to propose rather than use a ring. Bracelets are timeless and ideal for everyday wear, but they are unique and can be used for engagement. Again, it is something unique and different, and not many people propose using couple bracelets.

There are some extraordinary and unbelievable relationship bracelets one can use to propose to their lover. Some of the stylish bracelets for your engagement endeavors include:

  • The magnetic bracelet that has a lock and key
  • Puzzle heart matching bracelet
  • Promise magnetic couple bracelet with their name written on it

All these are excellent choices of couple bracelets one can pick when proposing. If both of you love bracelets, then the moment will feel glorious and sensational when you present the piece of jewelry.

propose with a lock and key couple bracelet

What can you get a man instead of an engagement ring?

Not all men prefer to have rings. Some love other jewelry pieces, and that could be what will melt their heart rather than getting them an engagement ring. If you look keenly, you will discover not everyone puts on a ring every day. It is due to the nature of their work whereby the rings might get damaged, and they prefer other jewelry. If your man loves necklaces, get him a necklace that has a ring. That wear they can still show off the engagement ring to their friends only that it is on their neck.

You can also get them a charm bracelet or magnetic couple bracelets. With this bracelet, every party will have their piece, and once you come close together, the two parts interlock. That is another piece that will clearly show your friendship and commitment to each other. You could also get them like a stylish watch to complement their appearance.

Which wrist do you wear couple bracelets?

Bracelets should be worn on the left-hand side if you are a right-handed person. If you are a left-handed individual, then you should wear the bracelet on your right hand. However, different people have different ways they would want to rock the couple bracelets. Some love putting the bracelets on their dominant hand to give the ornament maximum exposure.

When working or performing some simple tasks, you are most likely to use your dominant hand. These may be instances such as while eating dinner, opening doors, or even shaking hands. If you are that person who wants to show off your couple bracelet to other people, then consider putting it on your dominant hand.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that having the bracelet on your dominant hand means it is in harm's way. You are more likely to scratch or even break it since that is the hand doing most tasks. Having the relationship bracelet on the less dominant hand means it is safer since that hand is rarely used. That is why it is recommended to wear the bracelet on the non-dominant hand, especially if it is expensive. Expensive ornaments and even watches are items you want to keep for long, so you have to take good care of them. Putting them on the dominant hand puts them in harm's way, and they could easily get some damages.

What's the best material for a matching bracelet?

Different materials can be used to create a matching bracelet. Usually, you want to look for a long-lasting material that will stay in great shape for a long time. Embroidery floss has been used to make these matching bracelets for a long time since it has a thin body. That means the material is easy to manipulate and handle.

Among the best material for making these matching bracelets include:

  • J&P coats Embroidery Floss
  • Mira handcrafts premium embroidery floss
  • Moyyon embroidery floss kit
  • Caydo embroidery floss

Can you wear a bracelet without taking off when shower or swimming?

Most people wear jewelry and do not want to keep removing it, especially when jumping in a swim or heading to the shower. First of all, you need to know whether the water coming out of your pipes is soft or hard water. Hard water will easily cause reactions to your bracelet material, so wearing it to the shower could not be the best idea.

However, most bracelet-making materials are resistant to simple chemicals and substances present in the water. That is why putting on the couple bracelet may while jumping in a swimming pool or heading to the shower may not be a big issue. It is good to inquire from the manufacturer of the bracelets, to be sure.

What is the spiritual meaning of a couple bracelet?

Did you know that spiritual bracelets have different spiritual meanings? The spiritual bracelets entail symbolic charms, beautiful stones, macramé, and special strings.

Spiritual beads bracelets

Emotions can easily knock you off, but these bracelets help people connect to their higher consciousness. Gemstones like jade, tourmaline, and amethyst contain grounded energies that bring back people in alignment.

Chakra bracelets

Chakra bracelets will also align and balance your life if you use them the right way. Some people believe that having a spiritual bracelet with all seven colors helps protect their chakras and balance them.

Customized Your Couple Bracelets

Couples can also get customized bracelets for each other. They can be customized in so many different designs and types. The couples can have their names written on the bracelet, and each partner to wear the other partner's bracelet as it bears their name. Different people also go for the diversity in the material used to make these bracelets. Other people look for more unique designs that not many people have to prove special love.

Whatever design, shape, color, or texture you may want the relationship bracelet, you just have to look in the right places; there are very many in the market. You can also click here to customize your own matching bracelets from Chimatch.

Should you wear bracelets on both arms?

While most people are against putting on your bracelets on both wrists, we do not see a problem with that as long as you can take good care of your jewelry pieces. Make the bracelets work on both arms like a charm without anything to hide or fear. Bring all of them even if they are more than twenty and show the world what you are made of. However, that should only be when you have no tasks or heavy uplifting that you are supposed to do. Take good care of your bracelets even as you show them off.

What type of string is ideal for bracelets?

Stretch cords are perfect the elastic ornaments. These strings play a vital role in the beaded ornaments. They are aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and timeless. For these three reasons, they have won the hearts of many people who make bracelets and even renowned celebrities. The right cord produces quality and long-lasting bracelets. However, consider these things even as you get this ideal string for the bracelets:

  • Bead hole size - choose your beads before you look for the cord. Your cord should easily maneuver in the beads with ease.
  • Bead size - many beads come in size 11 or 8. Such will allow the user to use a 0.5mm elastic string.
  • Cord size - the durability of the cord is directly proportional to its size. It would help if you got a cord that can hold all the beads comfortably.
  • Cord color - considering the color of your cord is crucial as it could be part of the design for the bracelet.

Bottom Line

Couple bracelets bring a couple together even while they are not close to each other physically. The bracelet reminds the lover that their significant other has a part of them that they adore and love so much. They are impressive since they keep the couple's bond stronger.

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